Newtown RLFC
Australia's oldest Rugby League club
Formed 8 January, 1908

"Bluebags hear the crowd - they're roaring, Flashing, dashing, Blues are scoring"...    Listen and sing...     Check the words...    Join our great club!

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Newtown RLFC

Charles "Chicka" Cahill
Premiership winning Newtown forward in the 1940s and actively involved with the Bluebags for the next forty years.

Newtown Jets Team Song


Sing along with the Bluebags supporters at Henson!

Play the song!

Newtown, Newtown! [mp3, 1Mb]

Did you know?

Ricky May wrote the words and music of the famous Newtown theme song in the early 1970s.

The song is played at every Henson park game to welcome our players onto the field and to celebrate tries.

Newtown is coming,
Hear the Bluebags humming,
Newtown - Newtown
Newtown is flying - there'll be no denying
Newtown - Newtown

Thirteen men all dressed in blue,
Look out 'cause they're coming through
Newtown - Newtown
Here's the team that takes the field,
It's the team that will not yield,
Bluebags hear the crowd - they're roaring
Flashing, dashing, Blues are scoring

Newtown is coming,
Hear the Bluebags humming,
Newtown - Newtown
Newtown is flying - There'll be no denying

Newtown - Newtown - Newtown!

(Words and music by Ricky May)

Don't sing Newtown, Newtown on your own.

Join the chorus at Henson on game day!

A blast from the past

One of the Newtown Director's, Steve Helmich, came across an old Bluebags song, probably dating from the 1950s given the reference to Manly Seagulls.

... Another musical experience to stir your royal blue blood - open, print and SING!!!! [pdf 132Kb]

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